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15 Days: Uganda Wildlife Tour

Discover the true wilderness of Uganda by having a typical traditional Wildlife safari organized by Super Africa Wildlife Adventure Safaris. An African Safari is everyone's dream come true, make the best out of your safari in Uganda.

Day 1 : Travel to Murchison Falls National Park

Normally your safari commences from the airport or a day after basing on your time of arrival. In case you reach in the evening, you'll sleep in any of the luxury lodges within Uganda - Cassia lodge. It offers breathtaking views over the numerous hill view overlooking many hills and the huge Lake Victoria. Watch the sunset as it drowns behind the lake or decide to take a dip in the swimming pool. Enjoy a delicious meal as the evening passes by.
After an early breakfast drive to Murchison Falls National Park situated in northern Uganda. Your trip will be lively as you take pleasure in the scenic attractiveness of the countryside dominated by the thriving evergreen vegetation. You'll get the opportunity to see local people living within the homesteads; this will be a very amazing experience. The car can stop at any place of interest to take photographs which will be unforgettable on this Uganda safari.
During your lunch at Masindi hotel, you'll be captivated by its architecture which offers an exceptional experience to its visitors. It's identified to be Uganda's oldest hotel which was established back in 1923.this hotel has hosted several well known visitors such as Kathryn Hepburn, Ernest Humphrey Bogart and Hemingway. You will have a amazing attractive and tranquil ambiance of a hotel since you'll be served lunch.
After lunch you will continue to Murchison Falls National Park. You will stopover to see the spectacular all natural Murchison falls. This will be thrilling and spectacular since you will contemplate on very many questions about how these spectacular falls were formed. In brief Sir Samuel Baker together with his wife Florence named these falls on their tour in Uganda back in 1864. The then president of Uganda Idi Amin renamed it the Kabalega falls although afterwards it became Murchison Falls National Park that is currently well-known to several tourists around the globe.
On top of the falls will witness the Nile force its way through a 7 meter gap and softly flow into Lake Albert. It's referred to as one of the most superior fall throughout the world.
After this wonderful experience at the falls, you will proceed to check in at Nile safari lodge or Red chili lodge. Residing in a tented camp will get you nearer to nature and even enjoy the wonderful breeze of River Nile. They are properly designed to provide the very best enjoyment with amazing facilities throughout your stay. You will observe animals moving around the park while you have your dinner. There's a swimming pool looking over the Nile offering an amazing view of the entire park.
Just before dinner, you will have a game drive in the evening that will require you to cross River Nile. We will take pleasure in the cool breeze of River Nile as you see various species of bird, hippos as well as crocodiles in the water.
During the evening game drive, you will see several animals such as lions, Uganda Kob, Antelopes, leopards, buffaloes, warthogs, giraffes and numerous bird species. The safari vehicle has an open roof and will reward you with beautiful view of the large park. After your game drive, you will cross again the ferry and return to the lodge.

  • Main destination: Murchison Falls
  • Accommodation: Fort Murchinson Lodge - Mid Range Lodge in Murchinson
  • Meals & drinks: All meals & drinking water included (Other drinks not included)


Day 2 : Murchison Falls National Park

After an early breakfast you will cross the Nile by ferry for a game drive. You will have an opportunity to see nocturnal animals retiring into the nests to sleep while early risers awaken to start their day's hunt for food such as antelopes, giraffes, Leopards, lions, hippos, elephants, warthogs, buffaloes plus bird species like migratory species from Europe. This true Ugandan wilderness will offer you views of several primates plus mammals living within this national Park.  Return to the lodge (Paraa, Chobe or Red chilli lodge) for your lunch and rest for some time before setting off for a boat ride in the afternoon on the Nile to the base of the falls. During this cruise, you'll see several hippos thrashing the water, crocodiles resting in the sun, numerous elephants drinking water in addition to buffaloes and antelopes grazing not far away. You will spot birds and monkeys hanging in the trees. The boat ride takes nearly 3 hours as you explore this great wilderness.

  • Main destination: Murchison Falls
  • Accommodation: Fort Murchinson Lodge - Mid Range Lodge in Murchinson
  • Meals & drinks: All meals & drinking water included (Other drinks not included)

Day 3 : Murchison Falls to Kibale Forest

Waking up early, you will have breakfast, check-out of the lodge and drive to Kibale Forest National Park for an experience with the various primates. Kibale is a rainforest that supports 13 primate species that are challenging to find across East Africa. You will have a scenic drive through the stunning countryside and this will reward you with views of different features. Actually you will observe the steady change in weather as you move closer to Mountain Rwenzori. This will be magnificent for your road-trip to Kibale.  You will reach Kibale Forest late in the afternoon and check into primate lodge found inside the jungle. Also you may opt to live in cottages or even opt for a self-contained luxury tent having a large verandah looking over the jungle. You will see and hear sounds of different types of birds that melodiously sing up in the trees and the night falls. Later dine at primate lodge. you may take a nocturnal walk in the evening within the forest as you search for potto plus bush babies which are really difficult to spot throughout the day. This will be thrilling as you sight other animals moving the park at night. Head back to the lodge for your night's rest.

Day 4: Kibale Forest Chimpanzee tracking safari

An lovely breakfast to get you ready for an adventurous day. Drive to Kibale forest to trek chimpanzees. This will be a very memorable experience as you view other primates for example Grey Cheeked Mangabey, Baboons, L'Hoest's Monkeys, Red Tailed Monkeys, Black & White Colobus Monkeys plus the Blue Monkeys. This forest is a habitat to more than 325 bird species including the colorful turacos and hornbills among others. You will also come across several butterfly species of the total 144 found here. You can see a couple of wild animals within the park for example antelopes, buffaloes plus forest elephants. Head back to your lodge where you will have lunch and the day's rest. After lunch, you will go for a walk to the nearby Bigodi swamp. There you will be pleased to see more than 135 species of birds within the papyrus, polita figs and wild palms. You will see many types of monkeys as well as the uncommon sitatunga antelope. If lucky, you may actually see chimpanzees which will certainly make this walk very memorable to you.

Day 5 : Queen Elizabeth  Safari

Right after an early breakfast drive to Queen Elizabeth National Park, this is a 4 hours drive however with spectacular vistas of the countryside. Enjoy lunch and check into your accommodation of preference like ranging from budget to the luxury Kyambura game lodge, Katara lodge, Ihamba lodge, Enganzi lodge and Simba safari camp. All these accommodations offer a stunning view of this park and you'll see animals moving around especially elephants. They offer cottages that are beautifully designed to satisfy each of the guests; they have elegant beddings and are entirely self-contained to ensure that your stay is comfortable. Following lunch, you will prepare for a boat trip in the afternoon on Kazinga Channel; this is an adventure that shouldn't be missed during your stay in the park. During the ride, you will sight animals that you didn't see on the game drives like the large numbers of hippos playing in the river; giant crocodiles sun basking, elephants and buffalos drinking water near the shores, plus a profusion of bird species. You will appreciate the spectacular scenery during this ride. Head back to the lodge for a rest. After dinner prepare for a nocturnal game drive that is certainly a very fascinating encounter to see the animals move at night. The guide ranger will lead you to the finest place where you will see lions, leopards and hyenas plus some birds that you may have not see throughout the day. This is not obligatory. Head back to your lodge for you dinner and the night's rest.

Day 6:  Queen Elizabeth Park

After your breakfast set out for chimpanzee trekking and even see other primates in Kyambura Gorge. You will visit the Maramagambo Forest within Queen Elizabeth to see the numerous chimpanzees during the forest walk. The Kyambura gorge is home to habituated chimpanzees which are worth visiting on this walk. Other than chimpanzees, you'll see several other primates like Olive Baboons, vervet monkeys, Red tailed monkeys, black & white colobus Monkeys plus Blue monkeys. Kyambura is a well-known area for watching birds and other species of birds such as the blue Bellied Kingfisher and the Black Bee Eater among others. After chimpanzee tracking, you will head back to the lodge to rest as we wait for a thrilling game drive in the afternoon led by Kenya Walking Survivors Safaris guide. During the drive, you will view the stunning crater lakes home to numerous animals including buffaloes, warthogs plus bird species such as flamingoes. Additional animals here include elephants, Giraffes, leopards, antelopes and lions among others. Return to the lodge for your dinner and the night's rest.

Day 7:  Queen Elizabeth Park

Following breakfast, you check-out of the lodge and go to the Ishasha area of the park. It is inside the park although very distinctive with its resident tree climbing lions which are difficult to find in other parks. Ishasha wilderness tented camp is the ideal lodging since it's situated in the center of this wilderness. On your veranda, you'll observe animals moving and elephants closing into the lodge. Remember that this will be a wonderful encounter. After Lunch, have a game drive to search for tree climbing lions lazily resting in the tree branches. It is a sure deal that you'll see several of them in the acacia branches escaping from bugs on the ground. Head back to the lodge where you will have a scrumptious lunch and an afternoon rest. Later you will have a game drive in the Ishasha plains to view other animals including antelopes, leopards and buffaloes among others.

Day 8:  Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

Following a delicious breakfast you will have an opportunity to see the tree climbing lions as you drive through the Ishasha area of the park. After that unforgettable experience, you will drive to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest which is among the most fascinating wildlife sanctuaries in Uganda. tracking Mountain gorillas is a  exciting activity that need to be done during your safari. The cost of a gorilla safari will depend on the kind of accommodation you choose.  They will let you know on the ideal gorilla trekking packaging list you need to consider during your safari; this is to make sure you bring the appropriate safari gear. You will arrive at the park, check into your preferred lodge which range from luxury to budget Gorilla forest camp, Buhoma lodge, Buhoma Community Rest Camp, Gorilla resort and Mahogany springs lodge. You will be spoilt by accommodation choice. They have got cottages as well as tented camps which will ensure your stay is unforgettable. Have lunch at the lodge and prepare for a walk along the Munyaga Waterfall trail, this will take around {three|3} hours. 

Day 9 : Mountain gorilla tracking safari

This will be the big long awaited day for Mountain gorillas tracking within their natural habitat. After an early breakfast at the lodge, proceed to the park headquarters to be briefed and meet the game ranger. Depart for an entire day of trekking a particular Mountain Gorilla group. This normally takes approximately 8 hours or even less basing on which place they were last seen the day before. Seeing the mountain gorillas will be a life time memorable experience. You will be able to move up close and observe them as they do their day to day routine, play, rest and feed their young ones. Only children over 15 years of age are allowed to track Gorilla in Bwindi. Also the Elderly can track the mountain gorillas. The least tiring group to track is the Rushegura gorilla group and this is recommended for children and the elderly. There are nine habituated gorilla groups in Bwindi today that include: Kahungye, Rushegura, Nkuringo, Kyaguriro, Mubare, Oruzogo, Bitukura, Habinyanja as well as Nshongi. Only eight people are assigned to a single group. This is an experience worth narrating to your friends and family when you return back home. Return to your lodge and rest after a tiresome day. 

Day 10: Adventure safari at  Lake Bunyonyi

A nice morning breakfast and then check-out of the lodge and depart from Bwindi National park for the most attractive lake in the country. It's among the few sceneries you will ever forget on your safari. This lake is recognized as the second deepest lake on the African continent, although its scenery is more like a portrait of a postcard that is well-liked by several tourists. For those of you who have actually watched 'lord of the rings', you  will agree with me that this place appears familiar to a number of scenes in the movie. It has several Islands which make the place really beautiful and worth staying in.  check into the Heritage Lodge Habuharo Island although reaching this lodge will require you to take a boat ride to enjoy the amazing scenery of the lake. The guide will show you the Punishment Island a place where girls who became pregnant before they were married were left to starve in this wilderness. girls were supposed to take care of themselves and not be victim of this shameful crime. The warm and friendly staff will welcome to the lodge where you will have a delicious lunch. afterwards you will go canoeing or have a nature walk along the lake shores to see different types of birds. This adventure will definitely be a memorable one. You will enjoy the spectacular vistas of the lake, have dinner and the night's rest.

Day 11 - Lake Bunyonyi and Mgahinga Gorilla Park

Enjoy breakfast before going for a nature walk in the early morning by the lakeside. You will see several hills cultivated by the resident people plus numerous species soaring in the area. head back to Heritage lodge check-out, and drive to Mgahinga Gorilla Park. This journey is very fascinating as you drive to the peak of the hills to enjoy the spectacular scenery of the surrounding area. Mount Gahinga Lodge is located in the middle of the Volcanoes; after chcking-in you will have a delicious lunch. the lodge is strategically located at the bottom of  the Volcanoes rendering it the finest safari accommodation here.

Day 12 - Mgahinga Golden Monkey tracking

Following breakfast you will prepare to visit Mgahinga Gorilla Park. It's among the area surrounded by inactive and active Volcanoes although most of them within the park are actually inactive. You will see the endangered Golden Monkeys also living inside this park. The game ranger will guide you through the thriving bamboo area to have a thrilling adventure as you finally encounter the golden monkeys. Trekking of these golden monkeys is an exciting adventure and among the few memorable lifetime encounters. You will also be able to see several other animals living inside the park. After lunch have a community walk to the nearby Batwa village. There you will see the welcoming pygmies observe their day to day lifestyle, learn about their culture and traditional values that up to date are greatly valued among these people.  You will be entertained by their traditional songs and dances as a gesture of welcoming you. You will explore the Garama cave, a fascinating place worth visiting. This is a historical place in which the Batwa lived as they battled against their enemies. Today this cave is occupied by only bats however it's well worth visiting. Have dinner and sleep at your lodge.

Day 13 - Lake Mburo Park

Have an early breakfast and leave for Lake Mburo National Park led by Kenya Walking Survivors Safaris guide. This journey will be very exciting as you enjoy views of the countryside. Check into your accommodation that ranges from luxury to budget such as Mantana lodge, Arcadia lodge and Mihingo Lodge. Your choice of lodge will depend on your budget. You will view animals moving around this lodge unbothered. There are safari tents looking over Lake Mburo that will offer you a comfortable stay. Enjoy lunch back at the lodge. after lunch go for a boat ride to see overwhelming population of hippos beating the water, large crocodiles basking in the sun plus other animals like Buffaloes, zebras, Eland and Impala. The park possesses more than 315 species of birds including the Papyrus African Fin Foot and   Bush Shrike, among others during your ride. One fact about Lake Mburo is that it is a continuation of the Plains of Tanzania that cover a large part of this country. Its savannah is dotted with Acacia trees which make it a spectacular park with several zebras which you will be able to see on arrival. Baboons plus vervet monkeys are the sole primates found within this national park. Have your Dinner and the night's rest.

  • Main destination: Lake Mburo National Park
  • Accommodation: Rwonyo Rest Camp - Budget Tented camp in Lake Mburo
  • Meals & drinks: All meals & drinking water included (Other drinks not included)

Day 14:  Lake Mburo

Following breakfast and prepare for horseback riding. This ride takes you through the plains and hills as you search for wildlife. You'll have an opportunity to see the animals at close range such as buffaloes, zebras, antelopes, Impala, warthogs plus Elands within their natural setting. It is really a fascinating adventure to enjoy in Uganda. Lake Mburo is the sole national park offering guided horseback riding safaris in Uganda. you will experience nature at its very best. After lunch drive to Kampala, stopping over at the Equator to take some photographs and visit the traditional Buganda drum makers and buy a souvenir at the crafts shop. On arrival in Kampala check into your hotel and later transfer to the airport for your departure flight.
If you have time within Kampala, you can experience the Kampala nightlife. The night is like daytime as several people visit the bars and even go clubbing until morning. In Africa, Uganda is the sole country having a vibrant nightlife from Monday to Monday. Whatever day you choose to go out, you will have a great time parting with the very friendly Ugandans. The play all types of Music for you to shake your bones to till morning. the driver will drive you back to you accommodation eventually and this will mark the end  of this adventurous safari within Uganda.

  • Main destination: Lake Mburo National Park
  • Accommodation: Rwonyo Rest Camp - Budget Tented camp in Lake Mburo
  • Meals & drinks: All meals & drinking water included (Other drinks not included)

Day 15 Entebbe: 

Take breakfast and transfer to Entebbe for your departure flight. Bid farewell to Uganda.





  • Accommodation as detailed in the itinerary
  • AMREF (Travel insurance) Flying doctors services in East Africa. (In case of emergency)
  • All meals noted in the itinerary. Each day generally includes Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner buffets consisting of both western and local dishes.
  • Transportation in standard game viewing safari vehicle complete with pop-up roof for easy viewing and photography
  • Every passenger is guaranteed a window seat.
  • Your driver/guide speaks English and has in-depth knowledge of the flora, fauna, landscape, and Kenyan culture safaris.
  • A minivan outfitted with two-way, long range high frequency radio communications equipment.
  • Each 4x4 Toyota Hiace minivan carries safari accessories including window sills, a first-aid kit, an ice-chest, and a fire extinguisher.
  • Bottled mineral water during game drives.
  • Park entrance fees and game drives as noted in the itinerary.
  • All government taxes, levies and fees
  • Pick up and drop off transfers



  • International airfares and departures taxes.
  • Personal communications charges for telephone calls, faxes, email, etc.
  • Personal needs
  • Tips and gratuities for your driver/guide.
  • Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. (Bottled mineral water is provided while on game drives.)
  • Laundry services.
  • Between meal snacks, parks, attractions and events not included in your itinerary
  • Rain jackets, hand cloves
  • Hot Air Balloon Safari in Serengeti (USD$ 580 Per Person)

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